An open letter in support of science funding

I sent the letter below to all of my congressional representatives via this link:

Please consider doing the same as our political leaders decide what to do as we approach the fiscal cliff.


To whom it may concern:

Slicing budgets for basic science stymies all societal growth. Growth in
major sectors of the economy will suffer irreparable damage as a result of
cutting funding for basic science research.

Think the US can compete on the world stage without world class scientists
creating the cutting edge? Think you will inspire a generation of young
people to engage with science as a solution to society’s problems if they
see research institutions fail and progress stagnate? Think we can solve
the problems that haunt us today without insights and development from

Think again. Want to cite that study on [green jobs; benefits of preschool
education; effects of a crumbling infrastructure]? Sorry, results pending;
scientists solving big problems await funding.

I, and my colleagues from the science community, urge you to think
responsibly and about the future as we approach the fiscal cliff. I
understand that cuts must be made, but do not cut the future to save the

Thank you for your time.


Steven M. Weisberg