European Conferences

I have been fantastically lucky over the past year.

I work in a lab that has enough money to send graduate students to multiple conferences around the world. Over the last year, I have presented my research in San Diego, Chicago, Japan, Germany, and Italy. At these last two conferences, in addition to presenting my own work, I also reported on the proceedings as part of my research center’s “Showcase” series, in which recent findings or events are reported to the rest of the center and the public at large. Along with a fellow graduate student, David Miller, who reported on the conference in Germany, I wrote a short piece about the conference in Rome, Italy.

Both conferences featured presenters and researchers on the cutting edge of spatial cognition research and provided a fantastic opportunity for young researchers like myself to learn, first-hand, the state-of-the-art in the field and to network with established professors from around the world.

I’m also attending one of the best psychology conferences in the world next month, Psychonomics, in Minneapolis, MN which I’ll provide another short report on for this blog.