Conference Month

Scientists love to boast. Ok, not really, but they do love to present the newest and best data from their labs to fellow scientists around the world. Conferences are where scientists present data, network with each other, and form lasting collaborations. As psychology becomes even more internationally studied, conferences have followed suit.

This month, I have been lucky enough to attend 3 conferences in foreign countries on cognitive science and spatial cognition. This is just a short update to provide links to the conferences, which provide all sorts of fun resources and good names to follow, in case you want to find out more of the cutting edge research going on in psychology.

I’ll be writing an in depth covering the conference in Rome, Italy on Embodied Cognition. Last month, I attended Cognitive Science, in Sapporo, Japan, where I presented some data on the use of slope in navigation (see slides, attached). And this week, I will attend the Spatial Cognition conference in Bavaria, Germany.


Cog Sci Presentation [PPT]